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Relationships can be tough and breakups – painful, but
there is always something you can do, no matter how hopeless it may seem.

Are you together, but feeling alone?

Are you struggling to stay emotionally connected in a long distance relationship?

Maybe the study, work or family get in the way of you spending quality time together?

Is the intimacy suffering as a result of the distance that formed between you?

Are you worried that the discord in your relationship will affect your children?

Don't let the growing distance destroy everything you hold dear

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My Approach to Couples Coaching

A relationship, is an interaction of two individuals, who are sharing their time and space with each other for a period of time. Every person has their ever-changing feelings, needs, beliefs and values with individual experiences and an established worldview.

Every person sees the world in their own way based on their beliefs and experiences. Most of the people don’t stop to reflect and understand their own world, never mind that of others. 
Failing to recognise our behaviour and appreciate another person’s point of view inevitably leads to conflicts.

I’ve found that the most effective way of dealing with conflict in a relationship is by appreciating each person in their own right and exploring a relationship as its own entity. I aim to help each partner to get clarity on what they do and how it comes across, so they can get back in charge of their relationship. A clear line of communication allows each partner to share effectively and create the kind of relationship they want.

Begin where you are, doing what you can

Saving Your Relationship

Is your relationship worth saving or will you be better off separately? 

Couples therapy might be for you if you
… fed up with compromising
… struggle with changes that come with having a child
… want to do things out of your own choice rather than obligation?

“I can help you resolve conflicts, rebuild trust and improve communication, so you can have a more loving and harmonious relationship where each of you feels heard, loved, appreciated and cared for.”

Dealing With A Breakup

Make a decision you won’t regret 

Couples therapy might be for you if you
… doubt your future together
… compromise your own happiness for the sake of your children
… feel like nobody values you anymore
… hesitate that leaving is the right thing to do
… doubt that you are making the right decision

“If you are going through a break up, I can help you get comfortable with yourself and your feelings and to understand the reasons why your relationship ended, so you can be ok with your decision and are able to move forward.”

Joao Afonso Baretto Ramus
Joao Afonso Baretto Ramus
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"There was a time in my life when I thought I had it all, but still felt unfulfilled and at many points, unhappy. Talking with Alex really turned my life around. He helped me realise many things about my life, including that the relationship I was in was not healthy. You could say I was a drifting boat, and Alex showed me how to power it towards a future of my own!"
Ainsley Temudo
Ainsley Temudo
Abu Dhabi
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Talking to Alex pushed me to get to know myself, I had to face the ugly reality of my choices. It was challenging asking myself why I do what I do. Expecting all the answers right away. Now, I understand that it's a process that takes time, but in the end it's life changing. It has certainly changed mine for the better.

How can I help you?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you coach couples online
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I like travelling. Being in different places and meeting people from all walks of life inspires me, gives me new ideas. It helps me explore the world and learn about people's cultural and social norms.
How are you different
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My approach is based on the idea that relationship is a union of two individuals. Hence, exploring each person separately is the key to building a strong and healthy relationship.
How much does it cost
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Live chat - £30 / hour. Unlimited messages - £40 / week. Coaching program - £900 / 9 weeks.
What do you know about relationships
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In my life, just like anyone else, I walked on the clouds, falling in love and cried myself to sleep after being told: 'I just don't love you anymore' & 'The long distance is not working for me'. Inevitably I had to move on at times as well, which in some ways was even harder. One thing I did, every time, was to reflect on what I can do better next time. Now I have a list.
What motivates you to help couples
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My parents divorced when I was 5, so growing up, I did not spend much time with my dad. As a result, my life had its challenges. Although I can not change the past, I can certainly help other parents and parents to be, make sure that their children get the best of both worlds.

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Briefly outline your problem or what is it that you would like to achieve.

100% confidential • no obligation • no commitment