How To Choose a Yoga Mat Material [Pros and Cons]

How To Choose a Yoga Mat Material [Pros and Cons]

Choosing a yoga mat can be very challenging. There is a whole lot of different materials in the Yoga Mat market. It’s not easy to know which mat is good or not for your practice. Sometimes, you can be led mainly by the price without realising how bad a Yoga Mat can be for your […]

Top 10 Questions For A Long-Distance Relationship

long-distance relationship questions

It can be hard to navigate your long-distance relationship. The love and attraction you feel for someone is mixed with annoyance that you can’t see them. The build-up of sexual frustration in a long-distance relationship can be overwhelming. There comes a point where a picture on the screen and the voice on the phone just […]

Starting a Long-Distance Relationship

Starting a long-distance relationship

Starting a long-distance relationship is different from starting a relationship face to face. The biggest difference is the lack of physical intimacy.  When you start a new long-distance relationship it’s normal to have doubts. After all, you are having strong feelings for someone and you want your relationship to work out. For it to happen, […]

How to Pick the Right Yoga Mat [Beginners Guide]

how to choose the right yoga mat

Choosing the right yoga mat can be confusing, particularly for a beginner. Once you start looking into buying a yoga mat, you will find thousands of options. Picking the right yoga mat for a beginner depends on the type of yoga you are going to do and where you will be doing it. Most of […]

Starting yoga for the first time [Beginners Guide]

Ashtanga yoga - beginner poses

You’ve come across yoga and heard that it’s good for you. But with so many different styles of yoga emerging every day, it can be confusing for a beginner. Where do you begin? Today, we’ll give you an overview of the origins of yoga and the key difference between traditional yoga and modern-day variants. Yoga […]

The Secret to Surviving a Long-Distance Relationship

survive a long distance relationship

Being away from the person you love isn’t easy. Lack of physical intimacy and a different style of communication can take its toll on your relationship. While long-distance has its challenges, it also presents certain opportunities often overlooked by most couples. To survive a long-distance relationship you need to know how to maintain an emotional […]

Effective Communication in a Long-Distance Relationship

Starting a long-distance relationship

Imagine your relationship with no arguments. The one where you can hear each other and be heard in return. What would it be like to know how each of you feels? How would you feel if you knew where your relationship is going? Effective communication is a must in any relationship. In a long-distance relationship, […]

5 Ways Couples Coaching Can Help Your Relationship

relationship coaching for couples

1. Couples Coaching Can Help You Recognise Your Own Feelings and Values To have a healthy relationship, first, you need to recognise your own feelings and values. At the beginning of a relationship, couples feel excited. They will remember every moment in this initial phase of a relationship for years to come. Then, something happens… […]

7 Tips to Survive a Long-Distance Relationship

new mindset to survive a long-distance relationship

A long-distance relationship is a blend of a relationship and the distance. Often, it’s a romantic relationship, so you expect physical closeness. But, the geographical distance makes it very hard, so what can you do?