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Online Session

£20 / €22 / $25

Messaging Support

£40 / €42 / $45 
/week (5 days)

Need to talk today?

9-week coaching program to improve your relationship

This program is based on getting to know each person as an individual, before looking into a relationship as a whole. We will explore your feelings, circumstances and objectives as well as those of your partner. 


The program is tailored to your needs, goals and circumstances.
An emergency call can be booked with just a few hours in advance.
Ongoing chat support where you can send me a message at your convenience.
Complete privacy – register with telegram messenger, access via your browser, delete your chat history.
Sessions can be used by yourself, your partner or both. 

£900 – Unlimited messages & up to 3 live sessions per week.
I am working with a maximum of 7 people at any one time, so please get in touch for availability

For more information, check out the Q&A section or send me a message