Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you coach couples online
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I live a nomad lifestyle. When I was 15, I moved to a different country. This move was hard, but it helped me realise that norms, values and beliefs are relative. Over the next 20 years I've learnt about human behaviour. Now I am sharing this knowledge with couples who need clarity in their relationship.
How are you different
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My approach is based on the idea that relationship is a union of two individuals. Hence, exploring each person separately is the key to building a strong and healthy relationship.
How much does it cost
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Live chat - £30 / hour. Unlimited messages - £40 / week. Coaching program - £900 / 9 weeks.
What do you know about relationships
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In my life, just like anyone else, I walked on the clouds, falling in love and cried myself to sleep after being told: 'I just don't love you anymore' & 'The long distance is not working for me'. Inevitably I had to move on at times as well, which in some ways was even harder. One thing I did, every time, was to reflect on what I can do better next time. Now I have a list.
What motivates you to help couples
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My parents divorced when I was 5, so growing up, I did not spend much time with my dad. As a result, my life had its challenges. Although I can not change the past, I can certainly help other parents and parents to be, make sure that their children get the best of both worlds.