Where do you begin...

1. Get a glimpse into your inner world

You may find yourself in a disagreement with your partner, family member, friend or colleague.

Problems can arise from a misunderstanding or from a conflict of interest. However, it may also be caused by a difference in your personalities.  An awareness of these differences can shine a light on your own behaviour and that of your partner.

Check out this site to get acquainted with how we process our experience emotionally: http://atlasofemotions.org/

Also, this free online personality test is a fun way to get your journey to self discovery under way.

Quick Tips

• Know your differences and preferences
• Considers each other’s worldview
• Take responsibility for your thoughts, words and actions
• Recognise your expectations of yourself and your partner
• Know yourself and you will know what to do

Observation - Awareness - Change

2. Ask yourself

How much do you value your life?
Is your time important for you to enjoy it or are you feeling worthless?
Are you feeling empowered by always having various options to choose from or are you feeling stuck in some way where you are doing things out of obligation and expectations?
We are only here for a while, so every time you feel anything less than what how you want to feel, ask yourself, ‘is it worth it’?

3. Get in touch

So you have done the test and looked into your feelings and emotions. Some of it has resonated with you, but what now? It can be fun, but how do you apply it in your everyday life? I have been through this process and I know how difficult it can be to relate something that you’ve learnt to your everyday life. 
If you are interested in exploring your discoveries, send me a message and we can chat about it 🙂

Share your self-discovery

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I would like to share with you authors who helped me in my journey, so they may also help you find answers in their books.