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new mindset to survive a long-distance relationship

7 Tips to Survive a Long-Distance Relationship

A long-distance relationship is a blend of a relationship and the distance. Often, it’s a romantic relationship, so you expect physical closeness. But, the geographical distance makes it very hard, so what can you do?

Starting a long-distance relationship

Starting a Long-Distance Relationship with Someone You Just Met

Starting a long-distance relationship with someone you just met can be a lot of fun. You find them special and hopefully they feel the same way. But, you are right to have questions about whether this relationship can work and how long it can last.

get to know each other in a long-distance relationship - head shaped shelf with books

How to get to know each other in a long-distance relationship

You have met someone who lives far away. But you have fond feelings towards each other, so you decide to start a long-distance relationship. Note that a long-distance relationship is not a complete romantic relationship. It’s a phase in your relationship that allows you to get to know each other better.

moving in after a long-distance relationship - a house on the rock

How to Move-In After a Long-Distance Relationship?

Moving in with another person can be challenging.
Closing the distance after a long-distance relationship can be life-changing. A plan can help you stay grounded during the emotional rollercoaster of getting to know someone long-distance. This move has 2 aspects: personal and practical.