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What about mental wellbeing?








What about mental wellbeing?




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Have you started to make a New Year's resolutions for 2020?

We all make healthier promises to ourselves to eat more vegetables, cook at home, and drink a lot of water. So why is it so difficult when it comes down to make an actual change?

We make new year’s resolutions, yet we forget that every day presents a fresh opportunity for a healthier change.

I want to show you how you can make your first step towards a healthier you and discover the world of wellbeing. 

Self-improvement, seems like a good idea, but it carries the connotation that you are not enough. Ironically, this ides alone gets in the way of improvement.

Your positive change may include a more active approach to health and fitness or your major change may involve a better relationship or starting a inner journey of a personal development.

A common trend of New Year’s resolutions may look like this:

Exercise more

Lose weight

Get organised

Learn a new skill or hobby 

Live life to the fullest

Save more money / spend less money

Quit smoking

Spend more time with family and friends

Travel more

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If you find yourself making the same list every year, getting excited about new possibilities, keep it going for a few months just to repeat the cycle next year, maybe it’s time to do something differently?

Why does it look the same year on year for most people?

What gets in the way of actually achieving those goals?

5 Steps to Success with Your New Year’s Resolutions 2020

1. Before you make your list of resolutions for 2020, consider this… 
One reason, is that you might be adapting a cliche resolutions. These trendy resolutions come from a place of social norms, rather than from inside of you. So first step is take a look at what’s important to you personally. Why is it important and what having that will bring into your life? Then, you want to narrow it to one or two goals, but make it specific. This will help you focus your 100% energy towards a particular goal, rather than disseminating your energy on 10 different ones. Not only it increases the likelihood of your success, but you may also find that achieving that one goal will open the door to a different world that is full of possibilities.

2. Focus, dream, imagine..
Now that you’ve discovered that one super important change that you want to bring into your life, imagine how different your life will be. How will this change affect different aspects of your life?

3. Set realistic expectations
Visualisation gives rise to expectations, which are essentially your goals. It’s great to have expectations, but remember that things  may not be exactly as you imagine, and that’s ok. Creating realistic expectations will help you avoid the disappointment, which can be very discouraging, particularly in the beginning.

4. Make a plan
Realistic goals need a realistic plan. It’s ok to aim high and fall short if you know how to deal with disappointment. But when you are making your very first steps towards change it can get very emotionally intense. This can be another reason why people fail to make a change. Set benchmarks to know that you are on track. Allow the room for flexibility (but too much).

5. Enjoy the change.
Resolutions are more like a journey than a destination. Having a specific goal helps you to set the direction, but it is the process of change that opens you up to the world of wonderful possibilities. The magic happens every time you chose to do something differently, although sometimes we recognise it only once the change is significant enough. Every single decision counts! In fact there’s no success nor failure. There’s enjoying yourself and your life or struggling to get by. Essentially all resolutions are about making your life more joyful and more wonderful. Your feelings are your benchmarks. There are no failures and there’s no mistakes. There’s only action and reaction, cause and effect. If you do something you will have a certain result. If you do something else, you will get a different outcome. It’s impossible to predict the exact outcome of a particular action, but you can make an educated guess. 

I hope that now you have a better understanding of how you can approach your resolutions in 2020. Feel free to check out related articles about health, fitness and relationship. If you need help setting your goals and resolutions and making a plan to achieve them, send me a message.


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