I help my clients in 3 ways:

1. We get clear on current feelings and circumstances.
2. We work with the idea that they have the power to make the change.
3. We bring awareness to the choices and make decisions that make their life more wonderful.

Working with my clients I take as long as I need to make sure I understand exactly where they are in life and where they want to go. To make sure I give my full attention to each of them, I have no more than 7 clients at any given moment.

For me, it’s not about the numbers. Every person is an individual with their own strength and desires. I am here to help people connect with themselves and create life that is full of joy and incredible relationships, starting from a relationship with themselves.

I may not always be able to take on a new client straight away, but I will always find the time to respond to you. In fact, I found that some people are able to work things out with some pointers.

If you have something on your mind, please feel free to send me a message

My skills and approach

I know first hand what it is like to be on the other side of a broken relationship. At the age of 15, I embarked on the path of understanding life. As a result, I have read numerous books and together with life experience, this allowed me to be in a position of helping couples to work out their problems, so that their children can grow up with love and care, regardless of them choosing to stay together or separate.

Now I help couples and families bring understanding into their lives and the lives of their children.

Right now, I am learning to let go… My nomad lifestyle helps me realise what things are necessary and what are not. Recently, I discovered that part of this experience is letting go of attachments to people, some of whom are old friends.

In my practice, I often meet couples who are in a relationship that is full of arguments, misunderstanding and jealousy. Everyday struggles and concerns make it easy for us to forget why we are together with our partner. We get so bogged down with everyday trivialities that before long, our relationship becomes a chore. And, this is something that just should not be. Being a parent puts an additional strain, in some cases making intimacy non-existent.

Compromises and sacrifices in the name of a child, do not contribute to anyone’s happiness. The child learns from the parents, so whatever you are experiencing, you know the child is going to carry it through his or her life.

What if there was a way to have a relationship that is based on harmony and understanding? 
How would your child’s life be different if you were to replace disagreements with understanding, resentment with love and despair with hope?
What future do you want for yourself and for your little one?

We all need to learn to understand each other more and communicate better so that we can enjoy sharing our lives with those we care about.

My approach to coaching is based on getting to know each person as an individual, before looking into a relationship as a whole. We will explore your feelings, circumstances and objectives as well as those of your partner. 
The coaching is tailored to your needs, goals and circumstances.
An emergency call can be booked with just a few hours in advance.
Ongoing chat support where you can send me a message at your convenience.
Complete privacy – register with telegram messenger, access via your browser, delete your chat history.
Sessions can be used by yourself, your partner or both. 

I am working with a maximum of 7 people at any one time, so please get in touch for availability

For more information, check out the Q&A section or send me a message

Life Coaching as a guidance

What is Life Coaching for me and how I see it?

First time I came across this term, my thoughts were: “What kind of nonsense is this? Who are you to tell me how to live my life? How can you possibly help me? You don’t know anything about me, you never saw me, never spoke to me and you will tell me about me?”

I would go to a professional like a doctor, a lawyer or any other specialist but having somebody talking to me about something as ambiguous as LIFE and paying for it, that is just silly.

As a perspective of working as a Chiropractor, spending hours in a cabinet, going through 100’s of patients did not appeal to me, I still wanted to use my knowledge of the human body, which I obtained during my studies. Health coach seemed like something I could do, but I wanted to bring in my personal passion of trying to understand life, it’s purpose, myself and people and get some clarity as to why we do what we do.

Becoming a life coach would allow me to make use of both the medical knowledge and my drive for understanding the human behaviour. Hence my specialisation in health & relationships. 

So, for me, a Life Coach is the person who spent as much time learning about different aspects of life as a doctor spent studying medicine. Nobody has the time to study it all and when people are so busy ‘living’ life, how many have the luxury of time and space to actually think about it? I had that luxury and I created an opportunity as for me it was a priority to make sense of life since my teenage years. 

Lastly, life coaching appears to be associated with setting goals, motivating, building confidence, etc..

My approach

1. Understand the person
2. See how much they understand themselves
3. Introduce mindful decision making.
Become an architect of your circumstances, not a victim of your habits.

I believe that confidence comes from an ability that is attained through a practice which is essentially an implementation of knowledge. Hence I am here to share my knowledge and help people to reach the point of inspiration where motivation is not needed.

My intention bridge this gap between a philosophical wisdom and an everyday life

We tend to trust those who are close to us, but we are all individuals with our views and beliefs and sometimes they clash with those same people with whom we are spending a lot of time. 

A neutral and objective perspective on a situation may be all that is needed to understand the basis of a conflict and while this may be easy for a person that is impartial to the situation at hand as they are not affected by its outcome, this simple truth can just as easily go unnoticed by those involved.

I am trying to make it as flexible as possible to suit people depending on their individual circumstances. For this reason, I am offering the initial session for free, to understand your circumstances and needs, so we can find a way that works for you. 
Normally we would have a week of the chat via the messenger first, to make sure all the necessary information is accurate. 
This also helps to separate facts from opinions and assumptions, which causes a lot of communication to break down.
Live sessions (video or messaging) can be booked at any time.

I help my clients explore their current feelings, needs and circumstances that constantly change and evolve. We are working with the here and now, so there is no long-term commitment per se.

Live (real-time) session video or messaging is £60 per hour. These are good for getting into the deeper aspects of the issue and work best once we are clear on all the facts. Make summaries and ask questions as they arise.



It can be hard to live in a world where people around you and those close to you feel that their opinions are more important than your own.
You look up to these people for an advise just to end up with all different opinions and everyone is very passionate about their own.
Before long, you are drowning in this ocean of opinions leaving you confused and overwhelmed.
Whose opinion is more valuable? Who knows best? Whose opinion do you trust the most? What is the right thing to do? 
Suddenly the focus is no longer on you and your situation, and it is all about these other people and how your decision will ‘make them’ feel. How will the person offering you their advice feel if you don’t take it? Will they be upset and feel neglected? Will you be feeling guilty for rejecting them?

This happens because we rely on others to make a decision that fundamentally has to come from the inside.
The truth is that you know the best, you know what is right, you know what you need better than anyone ever would.The real question is.. Are you able to hear yourself? Do you know yourself?  Do you care for yourself? Do you trust yourself? 
Not that you should ignore other’s views and suggestions, on the contrary, especially those who wish you well, but you do need to remember who is the CEO of your life and who are the advisors.

The truth of being “nice”

Our attempts to make the world around us a better place result in this ‘people pleasing’ behaviour.

We think that by being ‘nice’ everything will be honkey dory, but in fact all we are doing is setting an expectation of a likewise behaviour from others.

The problem develops when others have a different definition of ‘nice’ and suddenly we find ourselves in a world of wrongness with an unfulfilled expectation to keep us spiralling into the obese of negativity.


Is online life coaching right for me?

In our first session we can focus on one area of your relationship that takes priority or we can explore different aspects of your life.
If we are a fit, in the following sessions I’ll help you understand your problem and we can make a plan to achieve what you want.

 We’ll see how various aspects of your life fit together and affect each other. Every so often we’ll have a review session to make sure you are on track.

What’s the first session like?

During our first session we can focus on one area of your relationship that takes priority or we can explore different aspects of your life.

Do you offer ongoing individual sessions?
In the following sessions I’ll help you understand the origin of the problem and we’ll make a plan to achieve what you want. We’ll see how various aspects of your life fit together and affect each other. Every so often we’ll do a review session to make sure we are on track.
Do I have to sign up to a program?

Weekly and monthly plans are for people with whom we have established goals, objectives and the working flow. It is just easier to set up a subscription and focus on solving the problems, rather than spending time managing individual payments.

Are all appointments held via Skype or face to face?

Most of our interaction is online. This is how I have set up my business from the beginning. This supports my nomadic lifestyle and allows me to connect with people across the globe.
That said, if geographical proximity allows, I am very happy to meet people face to face.
At the moment I am in Cardiff, but I travel all the time. 

What makes you an amazing life coach?

Understanding relationships is my personal passion. I have spent most of my life arriving to the point of knowing enough to be able to help people.
During this time I read numerous books and applying the wisdom to my everyday life and my own relationships.
Diploma in Holistic Therapies and Masters of Chiropractic, together with over 15 years of experience provided me with patient assessment and care skills and protocols that allow me to affectively assess your situation, ask the relevant questions, connect to my knowledge and present it in an organised manner.  Human psyche is fascinating as much as it is complex, but I enjoy disentangling issues that cause misunderstandings and I am very good at it.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I strongly believe that we all have a talent, something that we enjoy and are naturally good at. Understanding situations and getting to the bottom of the issue is something that I both enjoy and am good at.

What do you love most about your job?

I love that it is not a job 🙂 I enjoy understanding and exploring the reasons why we do things in a certain way and make the choice that we do.
For the past 17 years, I have been learning about human behaviour and how our habits and world perceptions create our experience of a situations.
Now I am applying this knowledge to help others.

Why do you help people?

Coming from a family of medical doctors, I grew up in an environment where caring for people was part of everyday life. I wanted to do the same when I grew up but also include a psychological aspect to get a complete picture of a person. I completed a course in Holistic Therapies and was working as a massage therapist on a cruise ship around the Caribbean (loved it). After a few years, I embarked on a Chiropractic course to deepen my knowledge of the human body.