Problems are part of life. Every day we have our individual problems to solve. In a relationship, it’s important to differentiate between personal problems and relationship problems. Most problems are personal. Relationship problems are the ones that relate to interaction, specifically miscommunication and misunderstanding.

Communication is how you tell your partner what you want. Are you clear about your wishes? Do you spell them out and check that your partner understands or are you expecting them to know what you want? Unless your partner knows exactly what you want, it will be hard for them to do it, even if they are happy to do so.

Lack of clarity leads to false or unrealistic expectations. This creates disappointment and leads to arguments.

  1. Awareness of how each partner contributes to the relationship.
  2. Freedom to express feelings without the fear of judgement.
  3. Make clear requests.
  4. Set realistic expectations that satisfy both partners without the compromise.
  5. Have a plan to fulfil these expectations.

First, it’s important to get clear if your relationship is worth saving. Are both of you willing to make it work? If you are, then couples coaching does wonders. If only one of you wants to be together, then it’s not a relationship. Coaching can help you understand each other better through effective communication.

A relationship is two people sharing time and space. You can be together, even without talking, but you still communicate in a non-verbal way. So, technically, two people can co-exist. The real question is if it’s the relationship you want?

Relationship problems vary day to day from couple to couple. If two people love each other, the success of the relationship comes down to 2 things: willingness to be together and the ability to communicate with understanding.