assumptions in a relationship represented by a lamp bulb with circles around it.


Making assumptions is how we navigate through the world which we don’t fully know nor understand.
We then form our reality based on what we hold to be true, regardless of the facts.

If we form a belief based on the assumption, without checking if what we assume is actually how it is, our image of the world is based on something which may or may not be true.

Once we form a worldview, we are going to behave in accordance with our beliefs, which may or may not be based on facts.
And if it happens that we assume, do not check and then act on something, which will turn out to not be the case, that will create a lot of confusion as to our reasons to behaving in a certain way.

This is only for one person! Now, imagine both people, who are in a relationship are acting on their assumptions without actually checking to see if they hold true and you will see how easy it is to have confusion, misunderstandings and conflicts.

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