Personal Coaching

Our personal coaching program is for people that want to improve, enhance, change or transform something in their life.

Why Choose Personal Coaching

Personal coaching can be used at different stages in your life when you are looking to improve or enhance yourself in a way that will impact your career, life, health and well-being. Personal coaching can look at your whole life as a whole in a holistic way.

When you start a personal coaching program, you are embarking in a learning process to change in a positive way. With the help of a coach, you can set clear and specific goals, and achieve them in a specific amount of time. Coaching brings you the opportunity to reflect on yourself and your life while having a plan of action to achieve what you want.

Personal cannot only change your life, but transform it, depending on how deep you want to go, you can change your world perception and manifest your dreams.

Through this program you will

  • Identify your limiting ideas, thoughts and beliefs
  • Learn to overcome repeating patterns of behaviour that hold you back
  • Make a plan to achieve your goals
  • Have a clear path and a time frame to get you there
  • Have the motivation to get you where you want to be

How Will Personal Coaching Help You

This program will facilitate the development of your goals and set the actions that are to be taken for you to achieve such goals. You will gain a deep self-awareness of your actions and their consequences.

Your coach will work with you to promote the learning of skills that will enhance your self-development for you to be able to eventually direct and regulate the whole process. You will be empowered to be in-charge and be responsible for your life and your decisions.

You will learn to:

  • Find clarity between short and long-term goals
  • Discover your strengths and talents
  • Set goals
  • Make a plan
  • Manage your time better
  • Stay motivated even through difficult situations
  • Achieve your specific goals in a specific amount of time
  • Prioritise your learning and professional development

This program will help you to:

  • Gain more self-awareness
  • Accept yourself
  • Care for yourself
  • Gain more self-confidence
  • Let go of fears and self -doubt
  • Express your feelings, needs, opinions, thoughts and ideas
  • Look at the bigger perspective
  • Know the consequences of your actions
  • Accept feedback without being reactive
  • Identify your limiting thoughts and beliefs
  • Become and active listener

During this process you will have the chance to message by email if you have any doubts or going through a crisis.

Our Personal Coaching Program

Our program is based on a 3 step approach:

STEP 1 – Review of the past.
Getting to know what are your ideas, thoughts and beliefs. How they are forming your present?
During this initial assessment we may discover other underlying issues that resulted in the current problems you are experiencing now.

STEP 2 – Overview of the present.
How do you feel about your situation, how would you like it to be different? What are you struggling to do to improve or change it?

At this point, you will have a deep understanding of the reasons for your struggles and why you are not having the life you desire.
At this point we would have discover uncomfortable areas about yourself and your life that you would need to address in order to continue with your change. Here you will have a couple of options:

  • Decide to make some small and easier changes, which won’t require too much involvement, but that would help you to achieve a certain goal.
  • Go deep and uncover the issues that are really holding you back. Address these issues and start a transformation of your behaviour, the way you live your life and ultimately acquire the skills to make sustainable changes in many areas of your life.

During our coaching sessions we will explore the areas in your life which you are struggling the most with. And see how they may be holding you back from achieving a specific goal or go deep and see how to change the behaviour and change your whole life.

STEP 3 – Choosing a conscious future.
What do you want going forward? Where do you see yourself? How do you see yourself?
Depending on your scenario on step 2, you will reflect on your experience, learn from it and make changes that will contribute to a healthy relationship with yourself. Apply, learn and change.

How long does personal coaching program last?

This is a 10-week program to work on your personal life and development
You will have two 90-minute session per week
The sessions are divided into 3 blocks as benchmarks to track the progress
You will have a total of 20 sessions plus a free closing session

The following able shows how the sessions are structured:

1-6Understand your past and how it had shaped you
7-9Identify what you really want to improve, change or transform in your life and set specific goals.
10-12We will make a plan and a timeline to achieve these goals
12-21Take action to follow your plan and make the change happen

Block 1
Sessions 1-6 are to understand your past and how it had shaped you

  • 2 sessions per to reflect on your past
  • 2 sessions per to understand your present
  • 2 sessions to understand what you want from the future

At this point you will gain some understanding, you will have feedback on your situation. Here is an opportunity to share your story, feelings, needs and desires and in the process we will explore those together which will give you clarity, understanding and maybe a different perspective on yourself and your situation.

Block 2
Sessions 7-9 are to identify what you really want to improve, change or transform in your life and set specific goals.

  • We’ll set specific goals depending on what you want Sessions 10-12 are to create a plan and timeline
  • We will make a plan to achieve your goals
  • We will create a specific timeline for when you want to achieve your goals

Block 3
Sessions 12-21 are to take action on your plan.
With understanding from step 1, clear goals and a plan from step 2, we can now start implementing the plan agreed upon in step 2. You will start working towards achieving your goals.

Once you achieve these goals, you will have the knowledge, understanding and tools to learn from your past experiences and implement the changes needed to create the life you want. After that you will have the tools and knowledge to use them whenever you need.

You can enroll on this program as a whole or pay as you go. However, take into account that single booked sessions won’t include the extras of the program, single sessions will only consist of a video call session.

Specific dates and time for each sessionYou book your sessions and decide the frequency
Pre-planned sessionsFlexible sessions
Achieve specific goals at the set timelineAchieve specific goals at a more flexible timeline
Higher commitmentLess commitment
Less flexibilityMore flexibility
Pay up-frontPay per session
Set 90-minute coaching time per sessionYou choose the time each session last when you book
Includes: homework, workbook, email support and guidanceIncludes : homework and the session you book for the time you choose
21 sessionsDepends on your progress and the frequency of your sessions

How much does personal coaching program cost?

$ 2600

This program includes:

  • 20 coaching sessions via video call of 90 minutes each
  • 1 free final overview closing session of 90 minutes
  • 1 PDF workbook for you to complement the sessions
  • Email support to clarify doubts
  • Guidance to stay on track
  • Homework exercises between the sessions

This program has predetermined dates and times that will be agreed upon with you. The fees are non-refundable. However, we allow some flexibility in terms of days and times for the sessions, subject to availability.

If you want to take this program, we recommend you booking an introductory session to ensure you are making the right decision.

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